Since we started with Pölka, each season we evolve and adapt to offer a better product according to our values and philosophy. We believe that it is very important to be transparent and improve the footprint we want to leave on our planet.



We are committed to working with local artisans from Alicante and La Rioja. We support a productive model that is friendly to the environment, with the aim of reducing transportation needs, maintaining local traditions, crafts and resources.

We make sure that all those involved in the production process are close suppliers and that they comply with Spanish labor regulations.

The closeness with the production team allows us to work together in the development of the collection to improve our products, at the same time that we consolidate our relationship.


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From our beginnings, the materials always presents in our collections are linen and cotton.

Linen is a sustainable natural fiber with great resistance and versatility. The own characteristics of the fabric are; adjustable thermos, good heat conductor and antibacterial.

We use organic cottons, which do not use chemicals in growing, spinning and production. On the other hand, a part of our selection is made up of recycled cottons certified by the Global Recycled Standard, with the aim of minimizing our impact on the fashion industry.

Another very present material in our collections is leather. We always seek to work with certified suppliers that do not use hostile adhesives that can harm the environment, while working with processes to save energy and waste material.



We are committed to improving each season. Therefore, our goal is to promote conscious consumption. We are constantly looking for new sustainable and ethical materials. Our purse is to offer you a 100% vegan capsule for this Spring / Summer 2021 Collection.


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In order to minimize our environmental impact, we want to accurately anticipate demand before we start manufacturing. Through the PRE-ORDER, we provide you with advance access to the purchase of next season's models and enjoy a discount, offering you the possibility of making a responsible and conscious purchase.


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100% recycled cardboard box. At Pölka we are committed to ecological packaging that allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.


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