About us

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Pölka Shoes is a Mediterranean fashion brand. It reflects our values and experiences.

The brand was born from the passion for design, comfort and handmade. Designed in Barcelona, handcrafted in Spain.

Simplicity, naturalness, timelessness, elegance, balance and quality, are the values in which we focus all collections.

We are inspired by minimalism, by its ability to identify the essential and get rid of the excess. We like the artisan for its quality and detail.

Lovers of the beautiful things, and after other experiences in the world of fashion accessories, the PÖLKA project was born.

It all starts in 2014, with a small collection of espadrilles made of linen and natural cotton as main protagonists.

"We had the need to make a collection of footwear "easy to wear" and put it within everyone's reach"

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